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Toll Free: (866) 801-5750  |  Local: (205) 764-0653
Toll Free: (866) 801-5750  |  Local: (205) 764-0653

Red Rhino Stamps

When placing a stamp order please use the following instruction

• Go to SPR.stampbuild.com
• Pick which stamp you want to create (click to customize)
• Fill in stamp information
• Pick quantity
• Add to cart
• Keep shopping or create check out
• Log in as current user with this email address of [email protected] with a password of 123456 and enter 0359295.00
• Click continue
• At shipping, be sure to enter YOUR shipping information
• Place order
• Red Rhino will create invoice
• The turn around time is 7 business days, please email customer service at [email protected]. Please tell them you are with Red Rhino Office Supplies as they are here to serve you with any questions or concerns.

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